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Facebook Just Released a Top Fan Badge

Facebook Just Released a Top Fan Badge

In an effort to re-invigorate engagement with users, "Top Fan" badges are now applied to user profiles on Facebook. Usage of the social networking service has waned to some degree at least for teenaged users, and in recent weeks, Facebook rolled out the ability for users to achieve Top Fan status of their favorite bands, teams, actors, brands, or any other page that they follow. 

The Top Fan badge, which can be prominently displayed on a user's profile, can be achieved through frequent liking, commenting, sharing and other interaction with a fan page's posts. It acts as some extra incentive to get back to using the platform more often. 

Here a user Gabe Guzman posted that he had become a Top Fan of Skrillex. 

For owners of fan pages, you can now see the Top Fan badge for users that are interacting with posts, and it allows for an opportunity to offer some extra engagement. 

A nice new feature. Simple, but helpful all-around. 

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