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How Shopify stores can increase their sales with web push notifications

How Shopify stores can increase their sales with web push notifications

This post is from guest author Vanhishikha Bhargava from PushOwl, a simple and scalable mobile commerce platform that enables Shopify stores to generate new revenue, increase conversions, customer loyalty and retention using iOS and Android mobile apps with web push notifications.


The number of Shopify stores are increasing by the day. And so is the competition for acquiring customers. While every store out there uses social media marketing, remarketing, emails and other tactics to reach their target market, one channel particularly has proven to become the new source of revenue for top grossing stores - web push notifications.

What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are messages that can be sent to an online shopper via desktop web and mobile web. These messages slide in either at the top or bottom right-hand corner on a desktop and on mobile, similar to push notifications from mobile apps.

These push messages get delivered to the shopper’s device, irrespective of whether or not they are on your website.

Here’s how they typically appear to a desktop user:

And here’s how you receive them on mobile devices:

Web push notifications are becoming an increasingly popular channel for Shopify stores to engage with shoppers because they are easy to opt-in and are delivered in real-time. Since they are platform agnostic, they get delivered straight to a device’s screen, making them hard to miss.

But more importantly, they’re also really quick to get started with. Unlike other marketing channels, building an audience doesn’t take long and Shopify apps like PushOwl make it easier to automate your campaigns.

But how do you use these web push notifications to hook the shopper’s interest so much that they come back to make a purchase? We have some ideas.

How to use web push notifications to increase sales?

There is no one-campaign-suits-all approach when it comes to web push notifications. You need to understand the different types of shoppers your store gets, how they interact with you and what will make them complete a purchase.

But here are a few web push notification campaigns that always result in more sales:

Flash sales

One of the most popular and effective web push notification campaigns are flash sales. Send a quick push message to let your subscribers know of the time-sensitive discounts you’re running. For instance, on days like the Black Friday weekend.

Product launches

Whether you’ve just launched a new product or are about to launch a range, use web push notifications to bring them in the spotlight. You can also use a drip campaign of push messages to create a buzz before the launch, giving your subscribers something to look forward to.

Popular products

There are always going to be a few products that sell faster or get wishlisted by most shoppers. Use web push notifications to promote these popular products a little more. Don’t forget to highlight the best part about these products in your message in a crisp and clear manner.

Product recommendations

The best way to engage a website visitor or an existing customer is to present them what they could possibly be interested in. Use their browsing data and previous purchases to make relevant product recommendations.

First-time purchase discounts

Online shoppers are always on the lookout for better deals and discounts. That’s why not all your visitors turn into customers. Offering them a first-time purchase discount is like sweetening the deal for them. Knowing that they will get an additional discount on the products they like nudges them to make a purchase.

Cart recovery

But at times, even a discount doesn’t work in turning visitors into customers. They will still add products to their cart and abandon them. That’s where web push notifications can be used to remind them of what they have left behind, the deal they might miss out on and why they should make the purchase right away.

Back in stock

Some visitors don’t turn into customers simply because the product they were interested in, ran out of stock. But they also are less likely to check their emails for being notified of when the products are back in stock. But you can use web push notifications to send them a quick message about the same.

Price drops

There are times when one likes a product but decides not to purchase it because it is too costly. Even a discount in some cases doesn’t really work. Now instead of expecting the shopper to keep coming back to check when the price drops, use web push notifications to let them know from your end. Not missing the price drop, these interested shoppers will turn into customers in no time.

Limited edition products

If your Shopify store sells limited edition products, make sure you bring them into the limelight by using web push notifications. Let your subscribers know of the limited stock, what’s special about them and how they are the first ones to know about the products. Make them feel special to get more conversions on this campaign.


Product advise and hacks

The modern shopper wants to be able to make informed purchases. That is why they take longer to buy the products they even need. With web push notifications, you can share product advises and hacks that helps them understand how to make the most out of the products your store offers.

Customer testimonials

Online shoppers trust recommendations from their friends and family more than advertisements. That is why you should use web push notifications to promote your product reviews, ratings, and even user-generated content. Let your subscribers know how popular your products are and how they look when in use, to nudge them towards making a purchase.

Buy more, save more

As an online shopper, one is always inclined to make more purchases as they start discovering products available at a store. But it is the cart total that often results in walking away from making those purchases. Running a ‘buy more, save more’ campaign with web push notifications is a great way to increase your average order value.  

Social media engagement

Who says sending transactional or promotional messages is the only way to increase your sales? Web push notifications can be used to promote your social media posts. Asking your subscribers to make a smaller commitment like interacting with your Facebook post is nudging them a step closer to making a purchase from your Shopify store.

Increase your sales with web push notifications

Stores like Steiner Sports, Headphone Zone, and many others are already using web push notifications to turn their visitors into customers. In fact, the stores have been able to also boost their customer engagement rates and achieve a 126X ROI through the channel.

The instantaneous nature of web push notifications is what nudges more subscribers to interact with the message. You don’t have to wait for them to open an email or discover a social media post - even if they don’t click through the notification, they have still read your message.

From how we see it, web push notifications are the new channel for turning modern online shoppers who are always on the go, into customers with timely engagement.

Have you used web push notifications? We’d love to hear how you used the channel to reach your customers and increase sales.

About the author

Vanhishikha Bhargava is an eCommerce enthusiast who is always on the lookout for growth strategies. She is the Content Marketer at PushOwl and you can follow more of her posts, here.


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